Saturday, May 31, 2008

Design Guidelines: Industrial

Industrial Estate, Large Scale Industry, Factories, Shipyards, Mixed Industrial

Industrial Estate:
- Zoning and clustering of related and/or complementing industries.
- Pollution control facilities.
- Careful organization of road networks for facility in movement.
- Safety and security.
- Establish spatial interrelationship between administrative and productive areas.

Large-Scale Industry (Manufacturing):
- Eco-environmental considerations in terms of pollution they create buffer zone must be created.
- Roadway system must accommodate movement of large vehicles and equipments.
- Site zoning according to activities must be clearly established like administrative zone, danger / offensive / prohibited zones, etc...
- Site utilities like powerhouse, transformer vault, water storage, effluent containment, waste management, fire protection, STP, and the like must be integrated showing their appropriate location and possible capacities they serve
- Safety features must be included

- Internal zoning of spaces are required. Color coding of areas (floor finish) are preferred to monitor movement of personnel.
- Catwalks can be provided for easy monitoring. System supervisors must be provided with work stations/areas
- Clinic must be near the production areas as accidents occur mostly here.
- Loading/unloading zones for finished products and raw materials must be properly located in relation to storage facilities.
- Pollutants must be checked by providing features to treat them.

- Stockyard must be large enough to accommodate volume of materials.
- Tidal basin must be deep enough to accommodate large vessels.
- Dry and wet docks must be so located to be oriented towards the waterfront.
- Slipway must be provided
- Boatshed for boat repair must be provided.

Mixed Industrial:
- Vegetative zone between the two major areas must be provided.
- Confinement of each areas to a prospective spot defining certain treatments about their atmosphere.
- Eco-environmental features
- Promotion of facilities for industrial peace and harmony.
- Provide recreational areas and mandatory communal facilities.

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