Saturday, May 31, 2008

Design Guidelines: Commercial

Banks, Hotels, Resorts, Cinemas, Theaters, Sound Studio, Recording Studio

- The vault shall be located at the most secured, independent spot within the bank itself, minimum wall thickness shall be 0.30 mtrs. with steel lining.
- The manager’s cubicle/office needs to be near the public area contrary to conventional layout of having it secured inside the clerical pool.
- Clear definition of the banking floor and the clerical area must be established
- Straightforward circulation
- Security is primordial so that spatial arrangements must promote this quality/need.

- Guest’s needs must be a primary consideration.
- Guest’s rooms must be provided with adequate facilities according to accommodations, say, single, double, triple, twin, family, suite types, etc.
- Internal toilets and baths are acceptable since active ventilation is expected. Bed areas must be more exposed to window areas and views.
- Guest room wing must have housekeeping room per floor.
- Kitchen areas must so accessible to function areas like the banquet hall, ballroom. Function rooms, poolside and coffee shops.
- Laundry areas / storage facilities / service areas must be adequate and accessible but away from public view.
- Concierge / administration / business center must be accessible from all points.
- Hospitable atmosphere must pervade in the whole hotel setting.

- Design according to classification like beach resort, mountain resort, island resort, specialty resort, etc.
- Consider their peculiarities.
- Guests amenities must be a primary consideration
- Provide bed and dine facilities
- Safety and security features
- Think of new design idea, making it different from the rest
- If swimming pools are provided, consider organically designed ones like free flowing forms, vanishing edges etc.
- Provide ancilliary facilities.

Cinemas / Moviehouses:
- Sightlines in relation to the screen and seating location arrangement must be carefully studied according to the 60 degrees cone of correct vision.
- Fire protection system and exits must be equitably distributed.
- Acoustical treatment / lighting allocation especially on aisles.
- Active ventilation system and utilities.

Sound Studio:
- Control booth at high location with inclined viewing glass for full command of the production floor.
- Catwalks must be provided for light control
- Provide cyclorama at main backdrop for visual illusion of space.
- Provide adequate work space for scenographics construction.
- Dressing rooms with T&B for talents

Recording Studios:
- Provide sound lock and acoustical treatments.
- Apply the “principle of a box within a box”.
- Control booth with sound consoles.
- Double glazing of glazed portions of walls, doors, and windows/ portholes.
- Floor must be floating or suspended with isolators
- No walls shall be perpendicular with each other
- For re-recording studies (dubbing), provide projector and perforated screen with sound effects pit

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