Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Planning 3 Course Outline

Planning 3 is Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning

It covers concepts and emerging trends, cursory survey of methods and techniques in urban and regional planning. It also touches on the importance ofproper spatial development to the built environment.

Pre-requisites: Planning 2 and Design 8

The course objectives are the following:

1. to give the student a general understanding of planning

2. to provide the student with the basic foundation of planning

3. to provide a broader framework upon which the student in architecture can forsee the implication of specific projects

4. to introduce the student to the current thoughts and practices with regards to plan formulation.


1. Introduction / Rapport Building

2. Man and his ecosetting

3. Ekistics: The Science of Human Settlements

4. Location Theory

5. Basic Planning Concepts

6. Planning Theories

7. Planning Process

8. Planning Tools

9. Sectoral Planning

10. Physical Planning

11. Land Use Planning

12. Infrastructure Planning

13. Social Planning

14. Economic / Fiscal Planning

15. Institutional Planning

16. Special Planning: Tourism Planning / Historic Preservation

17. Planning Typologies: PUDs, cluster housing, mixed-use development, commercial developments, industrial parks, community design, resort community design, open space considerations.

18. Consolidation

Course requirements: midterm, departmental and final exams (to those who failed the departmental exams), reports, group work, assignments and quizzes.


Introduction to Planning, Ernest Alexander, 2nd Ed., 1993

Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning, Peter Hall, 3rd Ed., 1992

Action Planning for Cities, N. Hamid and R Goethert 1997

HLURB Planning Guidelines

Cities of the World, Brunn & Williams, 1993

An Introduction to Regional Planning, John Glasson, 1974

Applied Methods of Regional Analaysis, D.A. Rondinelli, 1985

Urban Planning, Cantanese & Snyder, 1998

Environmental Problems in Third World Cities, Jorge E. Hardoy, et al, 1992

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  2. sir Gabitan eto po yung report link namin
    Economical Planning by:
    1. jimenez, mozart
    2. hipolito, raymond
    3. leabres, aaron paul
    4. biala, alvin

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